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Smart Class

The multimedia content repository ENGAGES students by bringing abstract concepts to life, help them PRACTICE using exercises, sample papers, and inter activities/simulations. Students can reinforce learning using SUMMARY resources such as topic synopsis and concept maps. Teachers can EVALUATE students on the concepts taught using objective and subjective tests. Students can also EXPLORE the topics further using resources such as weblinks, real life applications, and assessment for learning. Smart class system perfectly blends Teacher and Technology for the new age learners. In addition to the knowledge repositories, SAS(Student Assessment System), a hand held device for each child helps in instant learning gap assessments.


Early Years Curriculum (KG1-KG3)

• Yara Kindergarten is a fusion of Maria Montessori and Frobel’s Kindergarten Education system based on the guidelines provided by Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the Cambridge Curriculum.
• The Curriculum is carefully graded to ensure that the kindergarteners are well equipped with skills that help them to meet the challenges of the Cambridge Primary Course of Study.

Cambridge Primary

Offers a rigid foundation course in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science & Global Perspectives and ICT along with a variety of Co-curricular activities catering to all 4 developmental areas namely Cognitive, Social, Emotional and Physical. At the end of this stage learners can opt to take Cambridge Check Point Examination.

Cambridge Lower Secondary

At this stage Learners are challenged to make practical connections between their studies and real world. More emphasis is given to HOTs and Problem solving skills.

Cambridge Upper Secondary (IGCSE)

IGCSE provides a broad study programme by drawing subjects from five areas:
• Languages,
• Humanities,
• Social Sciences,
• Mathematics and Creative,
• Technical and Vocational.
Within the curriculum, there is a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) provides a wide range of subjects to choose from based on their career choices.

Cambridge International Levels

Comprises of AS and A levels. The extended level is designed to stretch the most capable students into advanced studies.

Assessment and Evaluation

Periodic assessments enable the teachers and parents to monitor the academic performance of the children in school.
YIS conducts four MONTHLY and two TERM END EXAMINATION in an academic year. In addition to this, YIS offers “PRIMARY CHECK POINT” assessments – providing an external international benchmark before progressing to next stage of education. Global acceptance of IGCSE examination allows the students to pursue international higher study options.

Campus Tour Time

We are open on Sunday – Thursday from 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM, except on holidays (with prior appointments only).

Admission Office

YaraInternational School (Gate No: 4/ Gate No.6)
Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University Building,
Vazir Street, Dheera District, Riyadh, K.S.A.

Phone : +966-11-2869960 / 0592888865

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