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School Campus

Yara International school operates from a customized campus, previously a university building, located at Wazeer Street, Dheera District, Riyadh. The total area of the campus is 9890 square mtrs with a built up area of 6600 sq mtrs and play area of 3290 sq. mtrs.

The campus includes two completely separated blocks for boys and girls, an academic block and a separate administration offices area.

The state of the art facilities include spacious class rooms fitted with Digital Teaching Systems, well equipped Science laboratories, four Computer labs, a full-fledged Library with reading room , Dance & Music rooms, Health and Wellness facility, Play grounds, KG recreation area, Canopy roofed assembly area, self contained Infirmary with full time nurse and medical aids and a plush auditorium. Indoor games include Basket ball, Shuttle badminton, Volley ball, Table Tennis, Chess, Caroms etc.


An excellent theater styled auditorium with a capacity of 300 seats in two floors makes any occasion a grand event at Yara.

The fully air-conditioned auditorium comes full with sound and lighting systems, projector, green rooms, special VIP access, guests refreshment area and direct access from outside through one of the main gates of the facility.


The school has an excellent transportation fleet consisting of 20 air conditioned buses. These buses ply on different routes covering various parts of the city of Riyadh. Our dedicated drivers and bus attendants ensures safety of the children transported from home to school and back. All our drivers are contactable by the parents using the assigned mobile phone numbers, in case of any query. Adequate support staff are deployed around the school apron for controlling the logistics at the time of entry and exit.

Details of bus routes and drivers' contact numbers:

Bus No. Name of the Driver Vehicle Type Vehicle Number Mobile No. Route
1 Mr. Mohammed Shafi Bus ZRA 2545 966551385114 Manfua-Batha
2 Mr. Abdul Aziz Bus 4886 TEA 966502049604 Malaz
3 Mr. Sunil Kumar Bus 3524 UGA 966509495489 Batha
4 Mr. Babu C Bus XXA 3829 966507694614 Roudha
5 Mr. Mohammed Ali Bus 5922 ADX 966568189448 Azeezia
6 Mr. Ismail Bus BRZ 7513 966551569747 Kuwaiti Askan
7 Mr. Raja Bus ZXB 3545 966534563143 Ghubera-Khalidiya
8 Mr. Khurshid Bus RTZ 4386 966568028478 Malaz Stadium
9 Mr. Jahangir Bus XAA 8970 966580634218 Hara-Kanoo building
10 Mr. Rahmanullah Bus MRX 9563 966551699507 Ummul Hammam-Takasoosi
11 Mr. Ali Bus TDX 1234 966580634218 Hara-Mamanoora
12 Mr. Sakeer Hussain Bus JBA 9749 966508790604 Sulai- Hayyal Farooq
13 Mr. Faheem Bus ZRB 8090 966596633205 Nahda Park-Malaz
14 Mr. Bakthiyar Bus ZBR 7145 966596327175 King Abdul Azeez Hospital-Obaid
15 Mr. Mohad Shahid Bus LRA 2675 966581801341 Sulaimania-Wooden Bakery
16 Mr. Khansum Bus TRG 6789 966577191497 Murabba Lulu-Mubark Hospital
17 Mr. Hussain Bus RGA 6240 966592494010 Shumaisi
18 Mr. Sayyed Bus TBZ 8234 966532675203 Hara Hayyal Wazara
19 Mr. Karamth Shah Bus TLA 7321 966594817316 Askan colony
20 Mr. Imtiaz Ali Bus RZA 4069 966548851832 Baglaf-Naseem


The school has separate infirmary units for Boys and Girls. These units are manned by qualified nursing staff throughout the school hours. The infirmary comes complete with first aid equipments, common medicines, refrigerator, examination table and beds for resting.

Needs for first aid treatments and nursing of common ailments are immediately attended to. Further, all children of the school are covered with medical insurance for any accidents that may occur during the school hours.


The hunger pangs, parched throats and fatigued brains of YIS get a welcome relief at the canteen which offers wholesome meals and a variety of delicious snacks at very reasonable prices.

The school is having spacious and hygienic canteen facilities catering separately to the boys and girls. Adequate seating facility with canopy roofs makes the break time for the children rather relaxing in all climates. The canteen remains functional throughout the school working hours and on certain other special days.

Book Store

The school has an on-campus book store with adequate stocks of course books, note books, stationery and other consumables required for the day to day use of the students and teachers. The school has contracted leading vendors from within the Kingdom and from India to ensure on time and continuous supply of all materials required.

The onsite store provides great ease for our students making their book shopping rather hassle free. The store remains open throughout the school working hours and on certain other specified days. All books are sold at nominal price.

Indicative list of items in store

  • Text books
  • Content book
  • Work books
  • Note books
  • Stationery
  • Chart paper
  • Project items
  • Neck ties and Shawls