COMPUTER LABS: YIS has four well furnished computer labs, one each for the Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary sections. The labs have modern PCs connected to high speed internet and are supervised by well qualified instructors. The school offers an internationally proclaimed computer education and certification programme offered by “The Essentials”, USA.

SCIENCE LABS: YIS has three well equipped science labs, one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These labs help children understand and appreciate the power of exploration and verification. Experimentation is an integral part of the school curriculum. Experienced staff guide our students through all stages of practical classes.

MATH LAB: Mathematics is generally considered by students as a “tough nut to crack”. Learning mathematics by doing is perhaps the best way to dispel all fears as learning becomes more effective when coupled with activities. Keeping in line with this principle we provide a complete theme based ambience which helps students visualize and feel mathematics. Math lab provides an opportunity to students to think, discuss and assimilate concepts making learning more effective and long lasting. Our Math lab has a good collection of mathematical learning aids based on the three pillars of Imagination, Investigation and Interaction.

Biology lab

Chemistry lab

Math lab

Computer Lab

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