As a centre of academic excellence YIS is unique and surpasses the rest of the schools on many counts, our key differentiators are;

  1. A state-of the-art campus (previously a university) with adequate Play grounds, spacious and resourceful Library, high tech-IT- Labs, Science Labs, Math lab and  technology enabled teaching - learning process ( Ebix - Digital Teaching System in every class room).

  2. A vibrant Kindergarten section with bespoke classroom furniture for the tiny tots, ample play facilities, sand pit, child friendly toilets and a well-furnished Montessori room with sensorial and practical life exercises apparatus.

  3. Our curriculum is action based wherein the students are not just passive learners but active participants. Projects, Seminars, PPPs and Educational Field Trips aligned with requirements of CBSE are integral parts of it.

  4. Value added classes in Life Skills, Arts, Languages, and Moral Education with studies in Moral Science and Holy Quran for desirous students. Native teachers are appointed to teach Arabic and Quran studies to ensure perfect diction and proficiency.

  5. Optimal class strength of around 30 students in each class and class to teacher ratio of 1:1.6 ensures individual attention to all the pupils.
  6. Committed, highly competent and parent friendly staff, meticulously chosen to ensure there is no gap between the school’s vision and its deployment.
  7. Remedial Classes for underperformers conducted as needed and during vacations.
  8. A special Computer Education and Certification programme offered by “The Essentials”, USA.
  9. An extensive array of co-curricular activities with an assortment of clubs such as Literary Club, Personality development club, Science and Eco clubs, Math and Heritage Clubs, Health and Wellness Club in addition to the usual sports and games activities

With our untiring efforts to make every student of Yara a STAR, the institution has become the most sought after school among the Indian community of Riyadh.


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