The objective of Math Club is to stimulate children’s mathematical curiosity and develop a positive attitude towards the subject. At YIS, Mathematics Club is a fun and competitive activity that any student can participate in. It is a great way for students to develop intuitive thinking skills and learn new types of Math. Students will not only learn new techniques, but also apply their knowledge to challenging problems.

The club creates models that contain, Problem solving techniques, shortcuts in numerical calculation, mathematical puzzle solving, mathematical games and conducts seminars resulting in superior performance and overall love for Math, previously not seen in our students. Those who began the year coming to our Math club with heads down, dreading the thought of more Math, now eagerly show up at our door anxious to know what will be covered during the club activity.

The club organizes several competitions, Olympiads, Seminars and mind boggling Quizzes for its members. The club has also introduced Vedic Mathematics to sharpen the minds of the children.  


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